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Power Morcellator

Power Morcellators are medical devices that have become increasingly popular in treatment of uterine fibroid tumors, allowing the doctors to cut up the tumor or uterus and remove the tissue through a smaller incision, which reduces recovery time and the risk of infections or other complications.

A small percentage of women undergoing these procedures may actually have undiagnosed sarcoma, which doctors are unable to detect prior to the hysterectomy or myomectomy. A potential side effect of morcellator operations for these women, which has not been adequately disclosed, is the risk that the morcellator may cause the spread of cancerous tissue throughout the abdomen and pelvis.

Reports suggest that about 1 out of every 350 women who undergo a hysterectomy or myomectomy with morcellation may have an unsuspected sarcoma, which doctors are unable to reliable predict prior to the surgery.

If you or a loved one underwent an operation using a Power Morcellator device and were diagnosed with:

  • Uterine Cancer

You may be entitled to significant compensation from the manufacturer.

There are time deadlines to file a claim so don’t wait – act now.

Image Description

Power Morcellator



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